Mind, Body, and Soul Retreat


What is the Mind, Body, and Soul Retreat?

Have you been looking for a getaway that will help you renew your mind, refresh your body, and revive your soul? Well look no further Better Than Blessed Enterprises' Mind, Body, and Soul Retreat! 

Prepare to travel to Orlando, FL for a three day one on one session with Tuwana Nicole. You are sure to leave with a whole new outlook on life and equipped to face whatever life throws your way. 

We will focus on 3 main areas during your one on one retreat:

Mind-What is your thinking like?

Body-How are you taking care of the temple God gave you?

Soul-Do you know why you were created?

Since this is a one on one retreat, your sessions will be catered to your specific needs and will be scheduled based on your availability and Tuwana's schedule. 

 *Group sessions are available upon request and pricing will be provided based on number of participants 

What All Is Included in the Retreat?

Your one on one & group three day retreat includes:

  1. Round trip Flight & Transportation to/from Airport 
  2. Hotel/Home Accommodations 
  3. Becoming Comfortable In Your Own Skin book 
  4. Living Better Than Blessed:A Daily Devotional to Nurture the Mind, Body, and Soul 
  5. Living Better Than Blessed Prayer Journal 
  6. From Rejected to Redeemed:Overcoming the Plan of the Enemy (if it has been released) 
  7. 1 week supply of x2o & Focus Up, Kardiaxyme, or ReCharge 
  8. Hydration Water Bottle 
  9. Tote Bag
  10. Daily Activities that will include sightseeing, shopping, and growth opportunities that will planned based on your individual needs.

*If you already have some of the items provided for the retreat, there can be an exchange for another item upon request. Price is per person.

Price Does Not Include:

 Price does not include: 

  1. Flights that are more than $150 round trip. You will be charged the difference of the flight. 
  2. Additional hotel days. Your total cost will be provided once you request your days.
  3. Food 
  4. Additional resources such as health & wellness products or additional books 

Ideal Retreat Candidate

  1. You are struggling with your identity or self-worth. 
  2. You want to work through your past/current issues.
  3. You want to become empowered to become the best version of yourself.
  4. You want to deepen/develop your relationship with God.
  5. You want to be more empathetic to those close to you or in your line of work.
  6. You are over the age of 18 (Only for the one on one session)
  7. You are age 10+ for the group session
  8. Girl'sRetreat
  9. Men's Retreat
  10. Family Retreat

What to Expect

  1. Expect to be challenged mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  2. Expect to experience feelings of sadness/anger
  3. Expect to experience feelings of excitement/exhilaration
  4. Expect to be have your faith stretched and strengthened
  5. Expect to leave empowered to become the best version of yourself with a renewed mind, refreshed body, and revived soul!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When securing your dates, choose your date of arrival. It will show that you are scheduled for a 3 hour session, but the total cost & session is for 3 days. Your times will not overlap with another client. We will work out any scheduling conflicts on our end. If you need addtional days, please advise us of this when choosing your dates. There may be an additional fees. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

 Q:Is there another way to make payment?

A:Payment can be made the following ways:

Via Facebook payments to: Tuwana Nicole (FREE) 

Paypal friend to friend: betterthanblessedtravels@gmail.com (FREE) 

Square Cash App: $betterthanblessed (include 3% payment processing fee)

$tuwananicole (FREE) 

Mail Cashier's Check or Money Order: 

Better Than Blessed Travels 

821 Herndon Ave Suite 141433 

Orlando, FL 32814 

*Remember Your Dates are NOT secured until we receive FULL Payment*

Q:Is this retreat non-refundable?

A:Your retreat is non-refundable if you cancel and Tuwana is unable to schedule someone else on the dates that have been requested. 

Q:How do I make my hotel reservations?

A:Your hotel accommodations will be at a local hotel within 10 minutes of Tuwana's office. Accommodations will be a 3-4 star hotel and will be assigned based on hotel availability.

Q:Is group pricing available? 

A:Yes, you would simply fill out the contact us form with your dates and contact information and we will contact you to get more details.

Q:Will there be free time?

A:Yes, once you have completed the registration & secured your dates, you will receive an proposed itinerary. You are free to do other things outside of scheduled activities

Still Have Questions??

Feel free to call us

Better Than Blessed Enterprises

821 Herndon Ave Suite 141433 Orlando, FL 32814

(800) 736-0854 ext 802


Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm EST

Evening Appointments Available Upon Request

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed